2014 Arthur C. Clarke Awards

The Arthur C. Clarke Foundation will present its annual awards at a ceremony on November 19 at the Artisphere in Arlington, VA. The 2014 award winners are:

  • Arthur C. Clarke Lifetime Achievement Award
    Hon. Norman Augustine
    World renowned leader in the U.S. Government and National Space Industry

This award recognizes an individual, a group or an entity that exemplifies the values and accomplishments of Sir Arthur’s life. The award honors substantial and enduring contributions that relate the sciences and arts in meeting the challenges of contemporary life and the needs of tomorrow.

  • Arthur C. Clarke Innovator’s Award
    Skybox Imaging
    Groundbreaking space imaging leader which has embraced the new technology, Cubesat

This award recognizes initiatives or new inventions that have had recent impact on or hold particular promise for satellite communications and society, and stand as distinguished examples of innovative thinking.

  • Arthur C. Clarke Impact of Imagination on Society Award
    Larry Niven
    Author of Science Fiction and Fantasy Works for adults and children

While the first two categories of the Clarke Awards have been around for over a decade, the Imagination award was just created in 2012. The first two winners were Ursula K. Le Guin and Sir Kenneth Robinson, Ph.D.