5 thoughts on “2014 Locus Award Shortlist

  1. I suspect that most of Correia’s fans read only his blog, and if he didn’t tell them about the Locus poll they’ll have no idea what it is.

  2. when I gafiated to paintball, I tried to bring fan culture to that world – not successfully in large measure. Now it seems that bits of paintball culture are creeping into fandom. I learned an unfortunate lesson: when officialdom is largely absent on the field of competition, those who are willing to cheat will take the day, and everyone else are just ‘whiners who lost.

    There is NO effective counter. Being better than the other guy just ups the sophistication of the cheating (can’t win on the field? subborn the referees. Can’t subborn the referees? Buy off the organizers…).

    Your only options are – get out if the game – or play the game on the field.

    This is a roundabout way of saying – expect a LOT more of the “recommended slate” kind of thing next year, with varying degrees of ‘minion armies’ deployed to stuff the ballot box; expect review wars on amazon and good reads; expect a greater and increasingly acrimonious divided between ‘fans’ who do things the old way and ‘fans’ who will use awards and everything else connected to the genre to push a political agenda.

    I fear that the only real counter to all of this is the creation of a “good guys” voting bloc – which further erodes the intent and while it might be effective, really just adds to the corruption in the long run.

  3. Maybe the PERRY RHODAN fans who talked among themselves about buying hundreds of Worldcon memberships for MidAmeriCon or SunCon or IguanaCon in 1976-’77-’78 so they could bloc vote their way to a Hugo will have a chance now.

  4. Could be. Remember when people were expecting a Perry Rhodan coup in 1990 when the Worldcon was in The Netherlands? Didn’t happen then. Now’s their chance.

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