2014 Worldcon: Loncon 3

London’s uncontested bid for the 2014 Worldcon has now been officially voted in. The seventh Worldcon to be held in the UK, and the third in London, will be called Loncon 3.

Co-chairs Alice Lawson and Steve Cooper announced the con’s seven guests of honor at the Chicon 7 business meeting — Iain Banks, John Clute, Malcolm Edwards, Chris Foss, Jeanne Gomoll, Robin Hobb, and Bryan Talbot.

The final site selection vote count was: London (864); No preference (29); None of the above (2); Peggy Rae’s House (4); Minneapolis in ’73, Phoenix, Stockholm (3); Boston 2020, Minneapolis in 2073, Rottnest Island, Tonopah, NV, Xerps 2010 (2); Copper Harbor, MI, Dave’s House, Denton, TX the Happiest Place on Earth, Finnland, Gale Crater Mars, Gallifrey, London in 2015, Minneapolis, Minneapolis in 5773, No Dams, Portwenn, Cornwall, Rutland, Slab City, That 7-11 next to my house (1). Total votes: 932.

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  1. At least when the Worldcon is out of the country (US or Canada), nobody argues when I say I can’t afford to go.

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