2015 Corflu Rate Hike on 3/1

Tynecon III: The Corflu (Corflu 2015) will raise its attending membership rate on March 1 to £60 ($100), so join soon to get the current rate of £50 or US$85.

Day membership rates for Corflu 32 have been set at £15 for Friday and £20 for Saturday.

Chair Pat Charnock asks everyone intending to get a full attending membership to join by March 15. She says, “No full attending memberships will be available after that date or on the door as we have to agree catering numbers in advance for the Sunday Closing Ceremony lunch buffet.”

For further information, please go to the Corflu website.

Charnock also reminds everyone the voting deadline for the Fan Activity Achievement Awards (FAAn) is Saturday March 14. The FAAn awards honor the best in fanwriting, fanzine art, publishing and posting. They are voted on by the fanzine fans of the world and presented at the Corflu banquet. The ballot can be downloaded from the Corflu website. Votes can be cast by e-mail or on paper – the instructions are on the ballot. Feel free to weep great canine tears of joy all over the form.