2015 CUFF Winner


This year’s Canadian Unity Fan Fund delegate is Paul Carreau, from Calgary, Alberta.

CUFF administrator Debra Yeung said Carreau was the lone entry that satisfied all the eligibility requirements. His nominators from the West were John Gannon, Jaymz Smith, and Elizabeth Keeling-Carreau, from the East, Diane Lacey, Krikor Ajeman, and Alan Bowbrick.

Carreau won the race by acclamation. His selection was announced in June but as I’ve said before, it’s always news to somebody (usually me.)

CarreauHe will attend SFContario 6/Canvention 35 in Toronto from November 20-22.

CUFF winner Carreau served 25 years in the Canadian Armed Forces before retiring in 2000. He has helped organize conventions in Halifax and Calgary. For the past 18 years he has been involved in the Klingon Assault Group (K.A.G.) Kanada, 10 of them as the Senior Command Officer.