2015 FAAn Awards

The winners of the 2015 FAAn Awards were announced March 29 at Corflu in the UK.

  • Best Genzine: Banana Wings ed. by Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer
  • Best Personal Fanzine: Vibrator ed. by Graham Charnock
  • Best Single Issue: Trap Door #31
  • Best Fan Writer: Mark Plummer
  • Best Fan Artist: Steve Stiles
  • Best Letterhack: Paul Skelton
  • Best Fanzine Cover: Banana Wings #56 by D West
  • Best Fan Website: eFanzines

Also announced during the ceremonies:

  • Lifetime Achievement Award: Peter Weston
  • Graham Charnock elected as past President of Fanzine Writers of America.

Next year’s Corflu will be in Chicago.

[Via Robot Archie.]

6 thoughts on “2015 FAAn Awards

  1. Almost a sweep for British zines and artists, except for Stiles, But I’m pleased to say I voted in all 40 slots and named virtually none of the winners. Which was a challenge when it came to fannish websites, I assure you. But most people would rather just complain than actually vote, so the same names are almost certainly going to continue to appear.

  2. Yeah, I’m a bit late to the bar here, but this is a good listing of winners. I am not surprised that all but one is British; the FAAns are fairly predictable in terms of the locating hosting Corflu. Even so, congratulations to everybody.

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