2015 Worldcon Chairs Photo Session

Worldcon chairs of the past and future appear in this video recorded at Sasquan.

Your host says his piece at 1:33.

Those on hand span seven decades, from Erle Korshak, co-chair of Chicon I (1940) to the newly-elected chairs of Helsinki’s Worldcon 75 (2017).

9 thoughts on “2015 Worldcon Chairs Photo Session

  1. And someone who had been at the first Worldcon was there. How long before that cannot happen?

  2. Michael J. Walsh: This was the first time I had been in the photo since 2008, even though I attended the 2011 and 2012 cons. The 2012 session took place while I was about 100 yards away asking Programming Ops where it was and they didn’t know.

  3. Ray Radlein: Yeah, but they evidently had the ‘S’ down cold.


    Were there any chairs there this weekend who missed the photo session?

  4. Mike: For the past few years, we have been trying to schedule the Worldcon Chairs Photo Session for the Site Selection Business Meeting, on the grounds that a relatively large number of past Chairs are already attending that meeting, and so that it includes the newly-seated chairs. I see no reason for that to change next year, so you can pencil in the Site Selection Business Meeting for the opportunity for your close-up. 🙂

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