2016 BSFA Awards

The winners of the BSFA 2016 Awards were announced April 15 at Innominate, the 68th Eastercon, in Birmingham, UK.

Best Novel

  • Dave Hutchinson – Europe in Winter (Solaris)

Best Short Fiction

  • Jaine Fenn – Liberty Bird (Now We Are Ten, NewCon Press)

Best Non-Fiction

Best Artwork

The BSFA Awards are presented annually by the British Science Fiction Association, based on a vote of BSFA members and – in recent years – members of the British national science fiction convention Eastercon.

BSFA winning artwork by Sarah Anne Langton

8 thoughts on “2016 BSFA Awards

  1. That Central Station cover is very nice! Congrats to the winners.

    @Cora: In fairness, some of us – well, I – haven’t tried them because they don’t interest us – er, me. 😉

  2. The Central Station cover is, as Kendall notes, very nice, but it bears little resemblances to the setting described in the book which feels far more lived in that that might be a nineteen thirties magazine cover.

  3. I love that Central Station cover. As soon as I saw it I wanted the book. Luckily it’s an excellent novel.

  4. @Cora @Kendall: I’ve been hugely impressed by all three of the Europe novels. If we all liked the same thing it would be a much less interesting world.

    @Cat Eldridge: Yeah, I absolutely love Langton’s cover as a work of art – it would have prompted me to pick up the book even if I hadn’t already been looking for it – but it’s definitely got a 1930s Art Deco-ish vibe.

  5. Funny, Dave tweeted that he was going to Birmingham for his “annual loss” at the BSFA awards. Surprise!

  6. I was overjoyed for Dave’s win. I truly didn’t expect it. I think the books have been vastly underrated.

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