2016 Rabid Puppies Picks

Vox Day finalized “Rabid Puppies 2016: the list” at Vox Popoli on March 21 and announced it widely, sending a press release to 200 members of the media. A screenshot of the press release follows the jump.


  • Seveneves: A Novel, Neal Stephenson, William Morrow
  • Golden Son, Pierce Brown, Del Rey
  • Somewhither: A Tale of the Unwithering Realm, John C. Wright, Castalia House
  • The Cinder Spires: The Aeronaut’s Windlass, Jim Butcher, Roc
  • Agent of the Imperium, Marc Miller, Far Future


  • Fear and Self-Loathing in Hollywood, Nick Cole, Amazon Digital Services
  • Penric’s Demon, Lois McMaster Bujold, Spectrum
  • Perfect State, Brandon Sanderson, Dragonsteel Entertainment
  • The Builders, Daniel Polansky, Tor.com
  • Slow Bullets, Alastair Reynolds, Tachyon Publications


  • Flashpoint: Titan, Cheah Kai Wai, There Will Be War Vol. X, Castalia House
  • Folding Beijing, Hao Jingfang, Uncanny Magazine
  • What Price Humanity?, David VanDyke, There Will Be War Vol. X, Castalia House
  • Hyperspace Demons, Jonathan Moeller, Castalia House
  • Obits, Stephen King, The Bazaar of Bad Dreams, Scribner


  • Asymmetrical Warfare, S. R. Algernon, Nature Nr. 519
  • Seven Kill Tiger, Charles Shao, There Will Be War Vol. X, Castalia House
  • The Commuter, Thomas Mays, Amazon Digital Services
  • If You Were an Award, My Love, Juan Tabo and S. Harris, Vox Popoli
  • Space Raptor Butt Invasion, Chuck Tingle, Amazon Digital Services


  • Appendix N, Jeffro Johnson, Castalia House blog
  • Between Light and Shadow: An Exploration of the Fiction of Gene Wolfe, 1951 to 1986, Marc Aramini, Castalia House
  • The Story of Moira Greyland, Moira Greyland, Askthebigot.com
  • Safe Space as Rape Room, Daniel Eness, Castalia House blog
  • SJWs Always Lie, Vox Day, Castalia House


  • The Divine, Boaz Lavie, Asaf Hanuka, Tomer Hanuka, First Second
  • Full Frontal Nerdity, Aaron Williams, Do Gooder Press
  • “Erin Dies Alone”, Cory Rydell and Grey Carter, The Escapist
  • The Sandman: Overture, Neil Gaiman and JH Williams III, Vertigo
  • Invisible Republic Vol 1 (#1–5), Corinna Bechko and Gabriel Hardman, Image Comics


  • Jerry Pournelle


  • Anne Sowards, Penguin
  • Bryan Thomas Schmidt, independent
  • Mike Braff, Del Rey
  • Toni Weisskopf, Baen Books
  • Vox Day, Castalia House


  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
  • Until Dawn
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron
  • The Martian


  • Supernatural, “Just My Imagination” Season 11, Episode 8
  • Grimm, Season 4 Episode 21, “Headache”
  • Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5, “The Vault of the Traveller”
  • Life is Strange, Episode 1
  • My Little Pony, Friendship is Magic, Season 5, Episodes 1-2, “The Cutie Map”


  • Larry Elmore
  • Michal Karcz (Karezoid on Deviant Art)
  • Abigail Larson
  • Lars Braad Anderson
  • Rowena Morrill (Checking to see if eligible)


  • Abyss & Apex
  • Beneath Ceaseless Skies
  • Daily Science Fiction
  • Sci-Phi Journal
  • Strange Horizons



  • The Rageaholic by Razorfist
  • Hello Greedo
  • 8-4 Play
  • Cane and Rinse
  • Tales to Terrify


  • Jeffro Johnson
  • Morgan (Castalia House)
  • Shamus Young
  • Zenopus
  • Douglas Ernst


  • Rgus
  • Matthew Callahan
  • Disse86
  • Darkcloud013
  • Kukuruyo

BEST NEW WRITER (Campbell Award)

  • Pierce Brown
  • Cheah Kai Wai
  • Sebastien de Castell
  • Brian Niemeier
  • Andy Weir

Vox Day also commented:

This is a list of recommendations for the 2016 Hugo Awards, not a slate, and of course by no means a direct order to fill out the list exactly as specified to anyone, least of all the Rabid Puppies, the Sad Puppies, the Ilk, the Dread Ilk, the Vile Faceless Minions, or the Evil Legion of Evil, by their Supreme Dark Lord.

The press release follows the jump.

Rabid Long CR COND

265 thoughts on “2016 Rabid Puppies Picks

  1. @Dan

    Concerning your last comment, there is no way a proficient English speaker could have taken that meaning from what Ms. Turner wrote. Literacy is important; you should remedy your gaps.

  2. Dan:

    “Oh Hampus, but what about Hitler?”

    Well, you do read Beales blog and they are very much for race politics and calling people with the wrong skincolour “savages”. I guess you might be a nazi too, but your leaning towards stalinistic ideas is the more obvious.

    “Regarding removing honors from authors, that obviously applies only to the Lovecrafts and never the Delanys.”

    I have no idea what you are talking about. Which honour have been removed from Lovecraft? He is still seen as a Grandmaster and rightly so. Is it that you want busts of both him and Delaney to be used as trophys?

  3. Dan:

    You really are an asshole, speaking like that to a survivor of child abuse. That means that you only want to use their suffering as a sledge towards others. Fuck of, go to hell and bugger off.

    You are a worm and a parasite.

  4. @Dan

    I’m really tired of the real rape and pedophile apologist trolling where I hang out. I’m tired of you causing me to be triggered and having to relive my abuse. I’m tired of you getting my friends to help you play your games. I’m tired, sickened, disgusted, but mostly I’m saddened by how many like you and my abusers are out there and how your allowed to run around spilling your venom instead of being banned and shut off when it’s obvious your not participating in good faith.

  5. * * * TRIGGER WARNING * * *

    This is the Beale that Dan wants us to listen to:

    “I don’t believe I could recommend this as a strategy for most men, but it is surely educational to learn that raping and killing a woman is demonstrably more attractive to women than behaving like a gentleman. And women, before all the inevitable snowflaking commences, please note that there is absolutely nothing to argue about here. It is an established empirical fact.

    I would go so far to argue that if you are being introduced to a woman you find attractive, she will be more attracted to you if you slap her in the face without warning and walk away without explanation than if you smile and tell her that you are very pleased to meet her. “

  6. For God’s sake, do we need to go through the 127th round of quoting absuive crap from Vox Popoli? If you don’t like it there, why do you post it here?

  7. Mike: I, like in your roundups, do not think all information needs to be something I like. But I will not quote him again. I will leave this discussion. It makes me too angry.

  8. And I’m leaving because @Tasha Turner’s request is not only clear, it leaves no room for argument.

    @Dan, if you are actually concerned about child molestation, please follow me out the door.

  9. First, they are black swan events involving millions of deaths.

    And yet World War I doesn’t even make the top ten, while World War II is middling at best. But World War II was your example of how the world is more violent very recently. Except it is an unexceptional example in historical terms, and is regarded as something of an outlier even in the twentieth century. In relative terms, you are safer now than you would have been in the 19th century, and safer in the 19th then you would have been in earlier centuries. and so on.

    When are you saying they ended?

    It depends on where in the world you are. In some places they haven’t ended. Those places happen to be among the most violent and least peaceful places on Earth. In others they ended quite recently, and still others, slightly longer ago.

  10. I intended to bow out for the same reasons as Cheryl, but if Tasha has already absented herself I’ll say one more thing. As often happens, Dan resembles nothing so much as the right-wing stereotype of the straw-man progressive. Start with “advocacy” that collapses to virtue-signaling. Move onto a monomaniacal focus on symbolic trivialities over substance.

    “What must the SF community do to combat pedophilia?” people have asked.

    “Take an award away from Samuel R. Delany!” Dan replies.

    “But that can’t be all there is to it. What else? Who else?” people ask.

    “Take away an award from Samuel R. Delany, dammit!” Dan replies again.

    Lovecraft apologists complain that changing the award bust for the WFA trophy is a merely symbolic gesture that won’t address “real racism.” But nobody imagines that people like DJ Older and NK Jemisin had the Lovecraft bust as their only prescription for anti-racism in the genre.

    “Okay, guys, Lovecraft’s off the statue. Is there anything else the SF/F community needs to do to welcome and affirm the people of color in our ranks?”

    “Nah, we’re good now.”

    When a little shit like Dan strolls in here preening about his supposed great concern, we can tell the difference. Everybody can tell the difference.

    How little the LEB and his author and their pharisaic fellow traveler, Dan, care about child molestation in itself is betrayed by the very title “Safe Space as Rape Room.” What they really hate is not pederasty, but the campaign for “safe spaces.” Whether you consider safe-space campaigns valid or misguided, in general or specific cases, they represent demands to provide some level of shelter for the oppressed. The title “Safe Space as Rape Room” is a claim that doing so amounts to giving predators free reign; that is, the oppressed are criminals waiting for their chance, and it is only the watchful eye of bigotry and domination that keeps them in check. We all recognize that this is the real agenda, and that, since this agenda is a lie born of hatred, no good can come of indulging it – no good for potential targets of child-rapists or for the marginal folks the pharisees want to keep targeting for calumny and abuse.

  11. Really great closing comment, @Jim Henley. I’d left and had an error posting my own goodbye, and came back to see if it was working now – then I read your comment. I wanted to catch up one last time, and I’m glad I did – very well put, sir!

    I’m not sure you’ll see this – and FYI I won’t see your reply, and I shan’t return to this thread, either.

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