2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards

The winners of the 2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards have been announced. The awards are given for achievements by New Zealanders in the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres.

Voting was conducted at Au Contraire 2016, the 37th National Science Fiction convention held in Wellington over Queen’s Birthday Weekend. A record number of votes was cast this year.

Professional Awards Category Winners

Best Novel

  • Ardus by Jean Gilbert, Rogue House Publishing

Best Youth Novel

  • Dragons Realm by Eileen Mueller (Fairytale Factoy)

Best Novella

  • The Ghost of Matter by Octavia Cade, published in Shortcuts: Track 1 (Paper Road Press)

Best Short Story

  • “The Thief’s Tale” by Lee Murray

Best Collected Work

  • Write Off Line 2015: The Earth We Knew, Jean Gilbert/Chad Dick (eds)

Best Professional Artwork

  • Cover for Shortcuts: Track 1, by Casey Bailey

Best Professional Production/Publication

  • White Cloud Worlds Anthology 3, Paul Tobin (ed), published by Weta Workshop

Best New Talent

  • Jean Gilbert

Fan Award Category Winners

Best Fan Production/publication

  • Phoenixine, by John and Lynelle Howell

Best Fan Artwork

  • Keith Smith – for contributions to Novazine

Best Fan Writing

  • John Toon

Special Award Category Winners

Services to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror     

  • Marie Hodgkinson

Services to Fandom

  • Glenn Young

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

11 thoughts on “2016 Sir Julius Vogel Awards

  1. A “clearer” view of the design? It’s the same set of photos I ran in the post….

  2. Plus the design templates below the photos, which lets you see some aspects more clearly.

  3. Congrats to the winners. Very cool looking awards. I don’t recommend throwing or running with as they look dangerous. They might be handy in a pinch as a weapon – poke someone’s eye out. All this talk of guns lately has my mind stuck on defense. 😉

  4. Tasha – see my one-track-mind is often food so I was wondering if it was hollow, could you open it and was there chocolate pieces inside? lol

    Thanks for the plate specs ErrolC, those are some neat designs!

  5. @Sunhawk

    My mind went immediately to eight sided dice. Still, what’s the saving roll against chocolate?

  6. There are some sweets that there can be no number high enough to beat, like butter fudge for example, mmmm large pointy award full of butter fudge *Homer drool*

  7. @Sunhawk
    Now I’m picturing it made out of candy. Or maybe metal where it can regularly be refilled with ones favorite or seasonal candies. Being dairy free I just don’t think of food the way I did 15-20 years ago. 😉

  8. @Tasha – most people don’t think about food the way I think about food 😉 What’s your favourite candy? I’m very partial to Werther’s Original hard candy caramels 😀

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