2016 World Fantasy Con Unveils Website

The 2016 World Fantasy Convention will be held in Columbus, Ohio from October 27 – 30 (Thursday through Sunday) at the Hyatt Regency.

The theme is “Flights of Fantasy.”

The website does not identify any committee members.

Hotel rooms can be reserved beginning in January. Information on suites will be available in April, 2016.

Attending memberships currently cost $150.00 (rates go up December 31). Supporting memberships are $50.00

3 thoughts on “2016 World Fantasy Con Unveils Website

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  2. I wonder if they realize how uncomfortable that lack of names of any members of the ConCom makes Old Time Fans feel.

    And I’m pretty sure New Time Fans stongly desire explicit & firm policies spelled out re. Harrassment, and Handicapped Accessibility. (To be fair, I’ve not yet checked the site, but if they’re not a lot better than this year’s in application….)

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