2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalists

Baen Books has announced the finalists in the fourth annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award contest.

  • “Purity” by Jennifer R. Donohue
  • “Dust of the Fallen” by Barbara Doran
  • “Thirteen” by Teresa Lynn Michals
  • “Tracks of the Pi Nereske” by Wendy Nikel
  • “The Gift of the Afyr” by Wendy A. Simpson
  • “My Monster” by Camille Singer
  • “Truth” by Jonathan Steinhauer
  • “The Blue Widow” by J.P. Sullivan
  • “And Not Go Hungry” by Laurie Tom
  • “Calcaneus Bishop and the Seeds of Extinction” by William Wood

The annual contest is held in conjunction with the GenCon Writers Symposium. The winner will be announced at Gen Con on August 19.

5 thoughts on “2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalists

  1. Also, 7 women and only 3 men. I imagine there’s some whining going on over at The Bar.

  2. @JJ

    It isn’t hard to get an account at Baen’s Bar. Go look.

    Or just trust me that you’ll be disappointed in the lack of commentary.


  3. Dann: It isn’t hard to get an account at Baen’s Bar. Go look.

    I have an account for Baen’s Bar from several years ago. I found it an unpleasant place, many of the commenters not the sort of people I care to hang around, which is why I never visit it any more.

  4. Mostly women! The Barflies might not care, but the Pups are gnashing their fangs. Oh, except these are all fantasy stories, so their preshussss science fiction is still safe from cooties.

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