2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

J.P. Sullivan won the 2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award with his short story “The Blue Widow.” Sullivan’s story was selected by Baen editorial staff. The announcement was made at Gen Con 50 on August 19.


  • “The Blue Widow” by J.P. Sullivan


  • “Dust of the Fallen” by Barbara Doran


  • “And Not Go Hungry” by Laurie Tom

Started in 2014, this is the fourth annual Baen Fantasy Adventure Award.

As the grand prize winner, Sullivan won an engraved award, and a prize package containing various Baen Books.

His story “The Blue Widow” will be a featured story on Baen.com main page.

The annual contest was held in conjunction with the Gen Con Writers Symposium.

Second place finisher Barbara Doran is shown in this public post on FB receiving her certificate.

Barbara Doran receives her second place certificate from James Minz (left) and Larry Correia (right).

4 thoughts on “2017 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award

  1. The text of the post says Doran got second place; the picture text says she is receiving her third place certificate.

  2. Thanks! I caught the mistake in my draft of the post but had forgotten I’d repeated it in the caption.

  3. Wait one damn minute — isn’t this one of those elitist Awards where a smal cabal selects the winners and everyone else can go take a flying fuck? Where are the outraged Puppies? Where is the strident editorial from Vox Day?

  4. @Cat Eldridge

    Ah, but Baen editors pick things they actually like, you see, unlike fandom, who only choose things based on whether they win SJW bingo. Obviously. No-one would talk about books that much unless it was a clever smokescreen for a political agenda, duh.

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