2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards Shortlist

The 2017 BBC Audio Drama Awards shortlist includes these nominees of genre interest:

Best Actor

  • David Tennant, Look Back in Anger (not sf, just listed because of Tennant)

Best Supporting Actor/Actress

  • Joseph Kloska, Bram Stoker’s Dracula

Best Scripted Comedy

  • The Strange Vanishing of Julian Quark by Tom Wainwright, producer Sasha Yevtushenko

Best Comedy with a Live Audience

  • Penny Dreadfuls Presents: Homer’s Odyssey by David Reed, Humphrey Ker & Thom Tuck, producer Julia McKenzie

Best Online/non Broadcast

  • Alien – Out of the Shadows, Audible UK
  • Baker’s End: The King of Cats, Bafflegab Productions
  • Carmilla, Audible UK
  • Doctor Who: Absent Friends, Big Finish Productions
  • Doctor Who: Death and the Queen, Big Finish Productions
  • Torchwood: More Than This, Big Finish Productions

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