2017 BookNest Fantasy Award Winners

The winners of the 2017 BookNest Fantasy Awards, hosted by the BookNest.eu blog, were announced November 1.

Best Traditionally Published Novel

  • Wrath by John Gwynne

Best Self Published Novel 

  • The Heart of Stone by Ben Galley

Best Debut Novel

  • Blackwing by Ed McDonald

The winners of the three categories receive an engraved dagger, kopis or broadsword, respectively.

AWARDS PROCESS. An initial longlist was created with participation from three fantasy publishers (GollanczHarper Voyager & Tor.com) and six blogs (Fantasy FactionFantasy Book ReviewFantasy Book CriticParmenionGrim Tidings & Kitty G), then augmented with public recommendations. A public vote on the longlist winnowed it down to a shortlist of 10 finalists in each category. Then, the public voted on the winners, with the results subject to a sanity check:

The winners will be selected by a mathematical formula that will combine votes and Goodreads stats (such as number of reviews and/or average rating). This is but a safe mechanism to prevent the manipulation of the awards. For example, if a book receives more votes than its Goodreads ratings, then something is obviously wrong.

The award announcement video is here:

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