2017 BSFA Awards

Photo by Ruth EJ Booth

The BSFA 2017 Awards were presented at Follycon, the 69th Eastercon, in Harrogate on March 31.

Best Novel

  • Nina Allan – The Rift (Titan Books)

Best Shorter Fiction

  • Anne Charnock – The Enclave (NewCon Press)

Best Non-Fiction

  • Paul Kincaid – Iain M. Banks (University of Illinois Press)

Best Artwork


  • Jim Burns – Cover for The Ion Raider by Ian Whates (NewCon Press)
  • Victo Ngai – Illustration for ‘Waiting on a Bright Moon’ by JY Yang (Tor.com)


4 thoughts on “2017 BSFA Awards

  1. Congratulations to all! I thought The Rift was brilliant, and every Iain Banks fan should read Kincaid’s insightful book. (I haven’t gotten to Charnock’s novella yet.)

    I’m not sure you could have a more quintessentially Jim Burns illustration than that cover, and even for Victo Ngai that’s a gorgeous piece of work.

  2. I’m a big fan of the Kincaid Iain M. Banks book – and it’s just done the double with a Hugo nom as well!

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