14 thoughts on “2017 Hugo Voting Ends Today

  1. Somehow I thought the voting closed Friday am (EDT); I just made some minor adjustments to my rankings, so thanks for letting me know I could.

  2. I did a sorta-final entry midweek, and have now made a couple of minor adjustments, mostly because some of my decisions are basically a tie broken only by what day of the week it is. (e.g. In series I’ve basically got a four-way tie in second place)

  3. Okay, I have voted for everything I’m going to vote for (ignored Fancast and both Editor categories, as usual). Didn’t get as much Series reading as I would’ve liked (though I feel very firm about my top 3), and unfortunately completely missed out on Related Work (but that’s a category I don’t naturally read much in, anyway, so I’m not worried), but I’m satisfied.

  4. I submitted my votes a few days ago and helped my Mom submit hers yesterday. So unless I decide to shuffle around ranks 1 to 3 in Best Novel yet again (I basically had a threeway tie), I’m done.

  5. I submitted my last changes at about 7 this morning and I’m refusing to look at my ballot again. I had three way ties in two categories and don’t want to revisit them again. So, I’m done. I might have to hide my computer, though.

  6. Done! I agonized over a couple of the categories. There was one entry I had to force myself to finish so I could rank it properly (and argue with my book club about WHY I didn’t like it). Great packet overall. What a pleasure this was. I absolutely gorged myself on the generosity of the authors and publishers this year. Wonderful to find some new authors and to cheer for some favorites.

  7. Also done, finally. I agonized over Best Series the most. I didn’t do Podcast because I’m not into that, and only had two selections for BDP-Short because I don’t get HBO or BBC. (But I did watch “San Junipero,” which immediately vaulted to the top of my ballot. What a beautiful story. And it was a true science fiction, because without the central virtual-reality conceit, the story would not exist.)

    Hopefully at midnight, or tomorrow, we’ll have a Filer ballot thread. I’d love to see how other people voted.

  8. As the sands of the hourglass, so are the days of our Hugos. NEED MORE TIME! Oh, wait, too late. 😉

    I made a couple of last-minute changes earlier tonight, then noticed I moved an entry to #2 in a category when I meant to move it to #1, so I went back to last-minute-fix my last-minute change.

    @Doctor Science: I’m so sorry, and best wishes! A friend of mine had a stroke and, though I wasn’t aware of the name of it, he has/had Broca’s aphasia (at least from the description, that matches). He did improve over time! I hope your dad continues improving, too!

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