10 thoughts on “2017 Nebula Ceremony Livestream

  1. Does anyone know in what order the Nebulas are given out? Do they start with short stories and work their way up to longer things?

  2. That’s what they did last year, starting with Grandmaster award I believe.

  3. @ Nancy Sauer

    Yes that is how they have done it the pasr few years. They also present the SFWA Grand Master Award before the Nebulas themselves as well.

  4. Well, I can hear the ceremony, but all I can see is a still image of the ISS mission logo with an Earth background.

  5. @JJ Same here. Audio but I am seing the cover art of The Runaway Robot by Lester Del Rey

  6. “SFWA, Inc.? – We are working on the audio, but there will? be no video.”

  7. Sounds good on my end. No video except for the slide show, unfortunately.

  8. No video, apparently?

    Although the astronaut’s slide show came through, and was wonderful.

  9. Oh, nice! Arabella of Mars gets the Andre Norton award! I loved that book.

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