2017 Sidewise Award Nominees

The shortlists for the Sidewise Award for Alternate History have been released.

The Sidewise Awards recognize excellence in alternate historical fiction.

The winners will be announced at Worldcon 76 in San Jose, CA the weekend of August 16-20.

Short Form

  • Tom Anderson & Bruno Lombardi, “N’oublions Jamais,” Altered Europa, edited by Martin T. Ingham, Martinus Publishing, 2017
  • Dave D’Alessio, “The Twenty Year Reich,” Altered Europa, edited by Martin T. Ingham, Martinus Publishing, 2017
  • Nisi Shawl, “Sun River,” Clockwork Cairo: Steampunk Tales from Egypt, edited by Matthew Bright, Twopenny Books, 2017
  • Harry Turtledove, “Zigeuner,” Asimov’s, 9-10/17

Long Form

  • Gregory Benford, The Berlin Project, Saga Press, 2017
  • Brent Harris, A Time of Need, Insomnia Publishing, 2017
  • Elan Mastai, All Our Wrong Todays, Dutton, 2017
  • Alan Smale, The Clash of Eagles trilogy (Clash of Eagles, Eagle in Exile, Eagle and Empire), Del Rey, 2015-2017
  • Bryce Zabel, Once There Was a Way, Diversion Books, 2017

This year’s panel of judges was made up of Karen Hellekson, Matt Mitrovich, Jim Rittenhouse, Kurt Sidaway, and Steven H Silver.

The Sidewise Awards for Alternate History were conceived in late 1995 to honor the best allohistorical genre publications of the year. The first awards were announced in summer 1996 and honored works from 1995. The award takes its name from Murray Leinster’s 1934 short story “Sidewise in Time,” in which a strange storm causes portions of Earth to swap places with their analogs from other timelines.

[Thanks to Steven H Silver for the story.]

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  1. I would have imagined that 2018’s Sideways Awards would be more logically given out at Worldcon 76 in New Orleans (if I remember my bidding history correctly).

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