2017 Worldcon Business Meeting Minutes Now Online

Worldcon 75 Business Meeting secretary Linda Deneroff  has completed the minutes and the 120-page document can now be downloaded from the WSFS Rules page.

Kevin Standlee, who chaired the meeting in Helsinki, announced the availability of the minutes and added that people are still at work preparing the official versions of the 2018 WSFS Constitution, Standing Rules for the Business Meeting, Resolutions and Rulings of Continuing Effect, and Business Passed on to the 2018 Business Meeting. Watch the official WSFS website for updates.

2 thoughts on “2017 Worldcon Business Meeting Minutes Now Online

  1. The Constitution, Standing Rules, and Business Passed On are now also updated. The Resolutions & Rulings of Continuing Effect are being reviewed by the WSFS Nitpicking & Flyspecking Committee and I expect them to be published in a week or so.

  2. I know it’s not your department, but perhaps you know who to ask: is there any chance at all of the video of the Hugo Ceremonies being released? Or does it simply not exist?

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