2018 GUFF Winner

Polish fan Marcin Klak is the 2018 GUFF delegate. GUFF is the Get Up and Over (or Going Under) Fan Fund which transports SF fans from Australasia to Europe (and vice versa).

Klak will attend Continuum in Melbourne, Australia over the June 8-11 weekend.

Voting figures were not released, but GUFF co-administrator Donna Maree Hanson says, “It was a strong race with high number of votes being cast at Eastercon in the UK.”

The other candidates were and Steve and Alice Lawson.

3 thoughts on “2018 GUFF Winner

  1. Glad to hear this! I trust Marcin will have a grand time and will send a portion of his trip report to
    my fanzine Askance . Just a thought.

  2. I’m delighted that Marcin won and gutted that Steve and Alice didn’t. Warm congratulations to Marcin. You’ll love it down under, it’s a fantastic continent with fantastic fans. Make the trip as long as it’s possible for you, you will never regret that.

  3. Warm congratulations to Marcin Klak! European fandom is coming strong. Marcin, also known as “the Fandom rover” has been all over Europe at sf-conventions and reported on them in his blog. He is an all around pleasant and in matters of sf-fandom enthusing person to encounter. I believe he is a fan that you will be delighted to meet in Melbourne, Australia. My commiserations to Steve and Alice, who I know were equally pleasant candidates. We so hope you won’t Brexit us (European fandom).

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