2018 Hugo Voting Opens May 3

Worldcon 76 has announced voting for the Hugo Awards is scheduled to open on Thursday, May 3.

Members will use their voting PINs from the nominating ballot to vote online. New members will receive notification of their voting PINs in a few days, and we will send notification to all members when the final ballot is open and when the Hugo Voter Packet of shortlisted works is available.

When voting opens, it will be open through the end of July, 2018. Anyone who joins Worldcon 76 as a supporting or attending member by the end of July is eligible to vote on the 2018 and 1943 Hugo Awards.

They also stated that the Hugo Voter Packet is scheduled for release during the week of May 7-11.

[Thanks to Goobergunch for the story.]

24 thoughts on “2018 Hugo Voting Opens May 3

  1. Woo-hoo! I’ve actually got a few categories I have a first approximation of ready, so I’d better get those in.

  2. I’m ready to think about voting and pine for the packet! 😉

    ETA: Hmm, I do have one category ready and will have another ready soon. And it seems unlikely I’ll be able to see the movies I haven’t seen yet, so I may be able to vote in that category.

  3. Yay, I should actually have time to read most of the Not-A-Hugo Young Adult Award nominees! (As well as the two novels and one novella that I’ve yet to catch up on.) Part way through A Skinful of Shadows now, actually, and liking it a lot.

  4. @Anne —

    Part way through A Skinful of Shadows now, actually, and liking it a lot.

    I just started that last night. Sadly, the audio version has a not-very-good narrator, but I’m getting along with it so far.

  5. Well, Hugo Voting is open, but I’m unable to get in yet.

    I did a pin lookup. And it doesn’t work. They say the pins should be SJ followed by 10 digits. The one they sent me is 11 digits. Sending an email now.

  6. Just realized PIN lookup is still giving me my nominating phase info which was from Worldcon 75. Guess I’ll just have to be patient until they get things updated to my Worldcon 76 membership.

  7. I just got my e-mail re Hugo voting PIN from Dave McCarty. So people who were members during the nomination phase WILL get an e-mail, not just those who joined since then.


  8. Yup, just got mine too, and put in my initial votes!

    ETA: Got my receipt and it says to let them know if I haven’t made a change to my ballot by emailing [email protected]midamericon2.org <–oops!

  9. @Laura —

    Waaaaaaah! My Hugo email today has also given me an invalid 11-digit PIN number.


    Yes, I’ve already written to the admin. At least my email had the proper worldcon76 response address on it!

  10. @Contrarius, for what it’s worth, my PIN is SJxxxxxxxxxxx — eleven numbers with an initial SJ.

  11. Just out of curiosity, were those of you with working SJ + 11-digit PINs already members of Worldcon 76 during nominations?

    I nominated with my Helsinki membership, and signed up for this year about a month ago. My new voting PIN is SJ + 10-digits.

  12. I’ve got a working SJ+11 digit pin, and had nominated under my W75 rights (for which I had a different SJ11 pin), after which I bought a new supporting membership.

  13. Whoops, counted digits again and mine’s 11 too. So looks like the voting login page is mistaken that they should be SJ + 10. Maybe they were earlier, but now they’re longer.

  14. I will bring this PIN length issue to the attention of the relevant people at the Worldcon 76 planning meetings going on this weekend in San Jose.

  15. My pin’s SJ + 11 also. After reading here, I tried it to see if it worked, and it did.

  16. @Laura, @Kevin, et al —

    My PIN is working now. I did write to Hugo Admin last night and got a very quick response. Although his suggestions didn’t solve the problem, the problem had somehow solved itself by this morning — the system is now accepting the PIN, and all is well!

    And yes, he said that the “10-digit” notation is a typo!

  17. Yup, as long as you got in, you probably wouldn’t notice. But if not and you see that on the sign-in page, it’s confusing.

    Thanks for responses and follow-up!

  18. Here at the Worldcon 76 planning meeting (“StaffCon”) in San Jose this weekend, I asked the person who actually programmed the online voting system and generated all of those PINs, and he apologized: 11 is right, but he forgot to change the text in the message from the previous version that used 10-digit PINs. If it’s not fixed yet, it will be in a later iteration.

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