2019 Big Heart Award: Alice Lawson

Alice Lawson of Glasgow was presented with the Big Heart Award at Dublin 2019. The award recognizes “good work and great spirit long contributed” in the words of past winner John Hertz.

Lawson, who has been helping at conventions since her first con in 1987, co-chaired Loncon 3, the 2014 Worldcon. She has been a member of at least 30 con committees including Eastercons and Worldcons. Other cons she co-chaired were Paragon, 2001 and Conrunners 2 and 4.

Alice and Steve Lawson have been married for 25+ years. The couple spent their honeymoon at an Eastercon. Both were GoHs at Satellite 4 (Eastercon 65) in 2014.Togerher they ran for GUFF in 2018. At different times each has been voted the Doc Weir Award for extensive work behind the scenes at many conventions, Alice in 2010 and Steve in 2006.

Steve Francis, another Big Heart Award winner, recalls: “I worked with Alice in 2003 in Toronto on the last days of the bid and the final vote count as well as the membership conversion process after Interaction was seated as a Worldcon. She was (and still is) a dedicated, efficient and effective member of any con she is involved with. I also found that she is a joy to work with even under pressure situations.”

[Thanks to Steve Francis and John Hertz for the story.]

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