2019 GUFF Race Ends

Simon Litten, the 2019 Get-Up-and-over Fan Fund (GUFF) winner, will represent New Zealand and Australian fandom at Worldcon 77 in Dublin, Ireland in August

GUFF administrators Donna Maree Hanson (Australasia) and Marcin Klak (Europe) received 73 votes. “Even after the final round of votes were counted, there was only one vote between the winning candidate and the runner up,” said their press release, which did not name the second-place finisher.

 [Thanks to Paul Weimer for the story.]

3 thoughts on “2019 GUFF Race Ends

  1. It was my vote that pushed Simon over the top. I just know it. Congratulations to him, and commiserations to the runners up.

    Just like my TAFF win two years ago, every vote matters, so if anybody ever thinks your vote is meaningless, that is most certainly not the case. Thanks go to everyone who supported GUFF this year, and well done, GUFF Administrators.

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  3. On behalf of all the nominees: thank you to all who voted.
    My personal comment is: wow, really WOW! I now have some big shoes to fill.

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