2019 Prix Bob Morane

Winners of the 2019 Prix Bob Morane were announced on March 11.

The Prix Bob Morane is a French literary prize named for a fictional adventurer created by Belgian writer Henri Vernes in the 1950s. 

The selections were made by a jury of French professionals — writers, journalists, critics, collection curators. The current members of the award jury are, Marc Bailly, Christophe Corthouts, Cathy Martin, Philippe Paygnard, Pascal J. Thomas, Isabelle Arnaud, Noé Gaillard, Éric Vial, L’équipe Phenixweb, and Gabrielle Staelens,

Roman francophone / French novel

  • Estelle Faye : Les nuages de Magellan, Scrineo

Roman traduit / Translated novel

  • Ben H. Winters : Underground Airlines, ActuSF (translated by Éric Holstein)

Nouvelles / Short Stories

  • Neil Gaiman : Signal d’alerte : Fictions courtes et dérangements, [Trigger Warning] Au diable Vauvert (translated by Patrick Marcel)

Coup de cœur / Favorites

  • Anthologie : SOS terre et mer, Flatland

[Via Locus Online.]