2020 Analytical Laboratory Results

Analog July-August 2020 edited by Trevor Quachri, art by Dominic Harman
Analog July-August 2020 edited by Trevor Quachri, art by Dominic Harman

Analog Magazine has announced The 2020 Analytical Laboratory Awards.

In each category, the readers listed three favorite items in descending order of preference. As explained by the staff: Each first place vote was counted as three points, second place two, and third place one. The total number of points for each item was divided by the maximum it could have received (if everyone had ranked it 1) and multiplied by 10. The result is the score listed, on a scale of 0 (nobody voted for it) to 10 (everybody ranked it first). The number in parentheses at the head of each category is the average for that category.


1. “Draiken Dies,” Adam-Troy Castro (5.59)
2. “Flyboys,” Stanley Schmidt (4.82)
3. “Moral Biology,” Neal Asher (4.41)


1. “Minerva Girls,” James Van Pelt (3.90)
2. “The Quest for the Great Grey Mossy,” Harry Turtledove (2.05)
3. “The Offending Eye,” Robert R. Chase (1.54)
4. “Sticks and Stones,” Tom Jolly (1.49)
5. “I, Bigfoot,” Sarina Dorie (1.28)


1. “Wheel of Echoes,” Sean McMullen (0.97)
2. “The Writhing Tentacles of History,” Jay Werkheiser (0.87)
3. “Rover,” A.T. Sayre (0.77)
4. (tie) “The Greatest Day,” Eric Choi (0.72)
    (tie) “Hive,” Jay Werkheiser (0.72)
    (tie) “The Chrysalis Pool,” Sean McMullen (0.72)


1. “Space Dust: How an Asteroid Altered Life on Earth,” Richard A. Lovett (2.62)
2. “Veiling the Earth,” Gregory Benford (2.46)
3. “Big Smart Objects,” Gregory Benford & Larry Niven (2.31)

POETRY (0.81)

1. “How to Go Twelfth,” Mary Soon Lee (1.85)
2. “Miles to Go Before We Rest,” G.O. Clark (1.23)
3. (tie) “Ghost Transmission,” Robert Frazier (0.92)
    (tie) “Planck,” Josh Pearce (0.92)
    (tie) “In Theory,” Rebecca Siegel (0.92)

COVER (2.58)

1. July/August, by Dominic Harman for “Sticks and Stones” (3.69)
2. March/April, by Eldar Zakirov for House of Styx (3.64)
3. (tie) January/February, by Tomislav Tikulin for “The Great Grey Mossy” (3.03)
    (tie) May/June, by Donato Giancola for “Moral Biology” (3.03)

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