2020 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Finalists

The top ten finalists for the 2020 Baen Fantasy Adventure Award were announced July 1.

  • “A Hole in the Gut” by M. T. Kadisin
  • “From Darkest Depths” by Sean CW Korsgaard
  • “Gently They Took What Was Hers” by Amanda J. Lee
  • “Hero” by L.R. Braden
  • “Humanslayer” by Scott Huggins
  • “Seidh” by Morgan Welch
  • “The Chilling Account of The Wolf-Bann of Krallenburg” by J. E. Tabor
  • “The Power” by Stephen Lawson
  • “The Strength of Summer Storms” by Evey Brett
  • “Who Will Know?” by Scott R. Parkin

Due to the cancellation of NASFIC and the ongoing uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 virus, the top three winners will be revealed at the beginning of the Baen Virtual Roadshow in early August, broadcast live on Baen’s Facebook page.