2020 Dream Foundry Writing and Art Contest Winners

Dream Foundry announced the winners of its 2020 contests for beginning artists and writers working in science fiction, fantasy, or other speculative fields. 

First place in the art contest is awarded the Monu Bose Memorial Prize, worth $1000. The first place winner of the writing contest also receives $1000 in prize money. For both the art contest and the writing contest, second place is awarded $500, and third place is awarded $200. In addition to cash prizes, all six winners will receive first pick of workshop seats at Flights of Foundry and showcase events at the online convention in April 2021.

The Art Contest winners are:

  1. Thaleia Demeter
  2. Lauren Blake
  3. Michaela Matthews

Dante Luiz served as the art contest coordinator.  Hugo-nominated artist Grace P. Fong served as judge.

The Writing Contest winners are:

  1. “Surat Dari Hantu” by Lisabelle Tay
  2. “The Failed Dianas” by Monique Laban
  3. “The Loneliness of Former Constellations” by P. H. Low

William Ledbetter and Vajra Chandrasekera served as the writing contest coordinators. Neil Clarke, editor of Clarkesworld Magazine, and Hugo-award winning author S.L. Huang, served as judges for this year’s contest.

Dream Foundry is a registered 501(c) non-profit dedicated to bolstering the careers of beginning professionals working in the speculative arts.  Their Discord community is at discord.gg/dreamfoundry, their blog a dreamfoundry.org/blog,

[Based on a press release.]