2020 TAFF Race Starts 11/4

Michael Lowrey and Ann Totusek are the candidates in the 2020 Trans-Atlantic Fan Fund race. One of them will be voted North American fandom’s representative to Concentric: Eastercon 2020, taking place in Birmingham, UK from April 10-13.

Geri Sullivan, North American TAFF administrator, and Johan Anglemark, European TAFF Administrator, say voting opens November 4 and closes on January 12, 2020. The ballot will be made available at taff.org.uk together with an online voting form.

3 thoughts on “2020 TAFF Race Starts 11/4

  1. Thanks, Mike. With voting closing on January 12, this will be a relatively short, fast race. We really appreciate you helping spread the word!

  2. I remain more than a little bemused by Ann’s platform. To understand why, I can only urge fen to see for themselves by looking at the ballot.

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