2021 Dream Foundry Contest Finalists

Dream Foundry announced the 2021 finalists of its latest contest for speculative fiction writers and artists on November 17. 

The contest was open to relatively new writers and artists and received around 465 submissions from across 41 countries.

The finalists for each category are:


  • Jarred Thompson
  • Kay Orchison
  • Kellye McBride
  • C. Bradley White
  • Amy Johnson
  • Brienne D. Hayes
  • Robin Sebolino
  • Sigrid Marianne Gayangosm
  • Shinjini Dey
  • Cat T.


  • Albokhari Mohamed
  • Alex Pernau
  • Cathlyn Vania
  • Ellen He
  • Julia Quandt
  • Mikoto
  • Mols Slom
  • Nair Nascimento
  • Vinnia Kemala Putri
  • Yue Feng

Finalists were chosen by Vajra Chandrasekera and Dante Luiz for the writing and art contests respectively. The winners for first, second, and third prize will be made by contest judges Premee MohamedCharis Loke, and Juliana Pinho. The prizes for contestants will be: 1st: $1000; 2nd: $500; and 3rd: $200. The results will be released early December.