2021 Dream Foundry Writing Contest Winners

Dream Foundry announced the winners of its 2021 Writing Contest on December 23. 

The contest was open to relatively new writers.


  • First Place: “Cooking: A Science” by Shinjini Dey
  • Second Place: “Amadi on the Concrete” by Jarred Thompson
  • Third Place: “Clear As Water, Red As Ruin” by Sigrid Marianne Gayangosm

The first place winner receives $1000; second place, $500; and third place, $200.

Other Finalists

  • Kay Orchison
  • Kellye McBride
  • C. Bradley White
  • Amy Johnson
  • Brienne D. Hayes
  • Robin Sebolino
  • Cat T.

The writing judges were Premee Mohamed and Vajra Chandrasekera and contest coordinators were Vajra Chandrasekera and Jade Doumani. 

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