2021 Rondo Award Nominees

Online voting has begun for the 19th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards. You’re invited to vote for your favorites in any or all 28 categories. Click the link for instructions and the complete ballot. The deadline to participate is midnight April 25.

As a teaser, here are the Best Movie and Best Television Presentation nominees.


  • BLACK BOX, directed by Emmanuel Osei-Kuffour Jr. (Amazon Prime)
  • COLOR OUT OF SPACE, directed by Richard Stanley (wide)
  • COME PLAY, directed by Jacob Chase (wide)
  • THE CRAFT: LEGACY, directed by Zoe Lister-Jones (VoD)
  • FREAKY, directed by Christopher Landon (wide)
  • GRETEL & HANSEL, directed by Osgood Perkins (wide)
  • HIS HOUSE, directed by Remi Weekes (Netflix)
  • THE INVISIBLE MAN, directed by Leigh Whannell (wide)
  • THE LODGE, directed by Veronika Franz and Severin Fiala (wide)
  • LOVE AND MONSTERS, directed by Michael Matthews (VoD)
  • MIDNIGHT SKY, directed by George Clooney (Netflix)
  • POSSESSOR, directed by Brandon Cronenberg (wide)
  • RELIC, directed by Natalie Erika James (wide)
  • THE RENTAL, directed by Dave Franco (wide; VoD)
  • SHE DIES TOMORROW, directed by Amy Seimetz (VoD)
  • SYNCHRONIC, directed by Justin Benson, Aaron Moorhead (wide)
  • TENET, directed by Christopher Nolan (wide)
  • UNDERWATER, directed by William Eubank (wide)
  • VAST OF NIGHT, directed by Matthew Patterson (wide; Amazon)
  • WONDER WOMAN 84, directed by Patty Jenkins (wide; HBOMax)
  • THE WRETCHED, directed by Brett and Drew T. Pierce (wide)


  • BRAVE NEW WORLD, ‘Everybody Happy Now,’ 7.15.20, NBC Peacock. Rebellion grows against a genetic caste system. ‘If this place is so perfect, why is it upside down?’
  • CREEPSHOW, ‘Survival Type,’ 10.30.20, Shudder. Animated adaptation of Stephen King story. ‘How badly does the patient want to survive?’
  • DOCTOR WHO, ‘The Haunting of Villa Diodati,’ 2.16.20, BBC America. The Thirteenth Doctor encounters Mary Shelley at Lake Geneva. ‘’Nobody mention Frankenstein. Nobody interfere.’
  • DRACULA, ‘The Rules of the Beast,’ 1.4.20, BBC/Netflix. At a convent, Sister Van Helsing confronts the Lord of the Undead. ‘Why does death always come as such a shock to mortals?’
  • HAUNTING OF BLY MANOR, ‘The Great Good Place,’ 10.9.20, Netflix.  Adaptation of Henry James’ Turning of the Screw. ‘You young people have no idea what you are letting yourselves in for.’
  • INTO THE DARK, ‘Good Boy,’ 6.12.20, Hulu. Woman finds her support dog offers no support at all. ‘He can tell when I get anxious.’
  • LOVECRAFT COUNTRY, ‘Sundown,’ 8.16.20. HBO. Racism of 1950s South collides with creatures from another reality. ‘I’ve heard worse. I’ve been part of worse.’
  • THE MANDALORIAN, ‘The Rescue,’ 12.18.20, Disney+. Baby Yoda finds a master. ‘I’ll see you again. I promise.’
  • SUPERNATURAL, ‘Carry On,’ 11.19.20, The CW. After 15-years, the monster hunt comes to an end. ‘You knew it was going to end like this for me.’
  • THE TRUTH SEEKERS, ‘Shadow of the Moon,’ 10.30.20, Amazon. Racing an eclipse, the team finds one member is not what they seem. ‘Never send a human to do a super-being’s job.’
  • THE TWILIGHT ZONE, ‘The Who of You,’ 6.25.20, CBS All Access. A would-be bank robber eludes a cop by jumping from body to body. ‘Charge him with criminal hypnosis.’
  • THE WALKING DEAD, ‘Walk With Us,’ 3.15.20, AMC. Negan and Alpha have a reckoning. ‘It took you long enough.’
  • WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS, ‘Nouveau Theatre Des Vampires,’ 6.10.20, FX. A gala is really a trap for the Staten Island vampires. ‘He was getting more and more sad. I could smell it on him.’

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