2022 Corflu Awarded to Vancouver, BC

Ulrika O’Brien and her team will bring Corflu, the fanzine fan’s annual gathering, to Vancouver, BC next year – if they can.

The Corflu Pangloss announcement cautions these plans are tentative:

We live in parlous times. There is great confusion under heaven, and the conditions are excellent.  Which is to say, thanks to border closures, travel restrictions, economic wobbles, and ongoing pandemic uncertainty, much of what we can tell you about Corflu 39 is aspirational, provisional, or pending better data with the unfolding of future events.  But we step out in hope, and choose to be optimistic that all our Corflu wishes will come true.  Thus, Corflu Pangloss.

They have chosen the Best Western Plus Sands in Vancouver as the site where the con will be held March 18-20, 2022.

This will be the 39th Corflu. To register, get hotel rates, and see who else is on the committee, click the link.

[Via Garth Spencer.]

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