6 thoughts on “A Colombo Mystery

  1. I recognized on his shelf the spine of the paperback edition of 2001 which I had for many years.

    If his tombstone isn’t cut in a ratio of 1:4:9, it ought to be.

  2. I gather Clarke was the country’s National Treasure, or something, or perhaps just the only remaing relic of the British Empire.

    The office is surprisingly spare and lacking style. I mean, not uncomfortable or ugly, but rather utilitarian … very English commoner, if you know what I mean.

  3. I visited there twice & yes, it was a working office, with awards all round, knicknacks, etc. He ate bland Brit food and lived in an embassy he bought in the 1960s, along embassy row. Fascinating visits, they were.

  4. Actually I believe the building he bought was the former residence of the Archbishop of Sri Lanka.

  5. There’s a fairly impressive demonstration of trivial knowledge. They’d have to shower you with candy if you came up with that during a session of “Trivia for Chocolate.”

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