A Grand Dinner at Balticon 50

The Balticon 50 committee is bringing back as many former Balticon pro GoHs as possible. One way they’re paying for the party is by attracting donations from fans who want to attend the Ice and Fire Dinner, also known as An Evening With George R.R. Martin.

There will be seating for 36 Dinner Companions (minimum donation $1,000) on the main dining floor and 8 Ultimate Dinner Companions (minimum donation $1,500) at the head table. Each table on the main dining floor will have one seat reserved for George R. R. Martin. He will be moving to a different table for each course, and taking the main course at the head table.

The menu for the evening encompasses offerings from the 7 Kingdoms of Westeros and includes selections for those desiring vegetarian and/or gluten-free options.

Ice and Fire Dinner Companion Membership includes full 4-day Balticon membership, all of the Cool Stuff Ice and Fire Swag Bag Members get, plus:

  • A matted color print of the Balticon 50 logo
  • A goblet etched or engraved with the Balticon 50 logo
  • A seat at The Feast of Ice and Fire.
  • A handmade textile dragon, available only to Dinner Companions!

The event has proven to be popular. Already reserved are places for 20 of the 36 Companions, and 2 of the 9 Ultimate Dinner Companions.

11 thoughts on “A Grand Dinner at Balticon 50

  1. What a great idea — both bringing back all their 50 GoHs, and having this dinner as a fundraiser to make it possible.

    I wish I could go to Balticon this year; it sounds as though it will be a fantastic time.

  2. It’s a nice day for a red dinner….

    (Someone was going to go there. I just know it.)

  3. I have no interest in an Ice and Fire dinner but would put up the money for a dinner with all the GOHs.

  4. I think if you were vegetarian, you’d miss out on the complete true Westeros banquet experience. No giant hunks of meat there, all ready to be carved up with some overly-described sauce. Probably shouldn’t bother at that price.

  5. If you want to help Bring ‘Em Back but are not interested in the Feast, you can sponsor travel or lodging for a specific alumnus. All of these Balticon GoH Alumni have accepted our invitation:
    The numbers for the Feast of Ice and Fire, as of today are:
    Dinner Companions: 28 of 35 seats left
    Ultimate Dinner Companion seats are SOLD OUT
    (Some folks upgraded from Dinner Companion to Ultimate Dinner Companion). If you buy two Dinner Companion seats, the second seat is discounted 20%.

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