A Remnant of Magic Kickstarter

Guest Post by Emily McCosh: Our world is filled with coming-of-age stories. Tales of the younger generations finding themselves and saving their kingdoms, their planets, and their societies. They are fun, adventurous, and inspiring to read as well as to write.

But magic and strength does not end with youth…

Stories with older characters are few and far between, particularly when it comes to tales of older women. In fairy tales they fall into the roles of old crones brewing trouble and wise women trying to talk some sense into the naive younglings. But who are they? And what are their stories?

Though we read so many books from younger points-of-view, in truth a society won’t rely on children in a crisis. A kingdom will turn to those with wisdom and knowledge for the ages. Old warriors will lead the charge when war comes. Witches, grandmothers, and mages will guide families through struggles that span the width of continents and the warmth of homes.

When we read such unusual tales, we uncover storylines we never thought we’d read, and hear from voices that are so often quiet in the world of fantasy.

They are imbued with a special type of magic.

In the pages of the fairy tales we grew up with, older women are often relegated to side characters. They are wise and gentle or sinister and cunning, but never do they break into the spotlight. They offer a supportive role for (or attempt to thwart the efforts of) the young hero or heroine, and no more.

Or so it used to be.

A Remnant of Magic will be an anthology of flipped fairy tales featuring older women as the lead heroines. Full of their own lives, their own histories, their own futures–these women will be strong, brave, compassionate, and full of magic and mystery.

These stories will explore both familiar fairy tales and those still waiting to be told, featuring a vast array of settings and plots. And each will come complete with a full-page illustration to help bring them to life.

If you’d like to become part of the story, there’s still time left to make A Remnant of Magic a reality!

[Editor’s note: There are only 4 days left in the Kickstarter appeal to fund the A Remnant of Magic: A Fairytale Anthology of Old Lady Heroes. If they fund, there will be an open submission period for “lovely, shimmery, fairy-tale-esque stories featuring older women full of strength, compassion, and magic.”]