A Sprout Finds Christmas Joy at BBC One

In BBC One’s ad for Christmas 2015 programming, an unloved sprout finds friendship with stars from Doctor Who to Sherlock.

Creativity Online explains

It’s the tale of ‘Sprout Boy’ an unloved Brussels sprout, a sort of vegetable ugly duckling who’s turned away everywhere he goes. A baker, woodcutter and toymaker give him short shrift. However, finally the welcoming BBC stars (who aso include Will.i.am, Graham Norton and Mary Berry) give him a place at their table. Dr. Who actor Peter Capaldi narrates in his distinctive gruff Scottish tones.


The one thing that worries me — doesn’t “acceptance” lead to some child eating the star of the video?

The full version of the second video begins with a Night at the Museum scene and is available here

[Via Craig Miller.]