A Strange Discovery in China

By Carl Slaughter: Got a real treat for you.  Under the east train station in Guangzhou, China, is the Po Park Mall.  At the entrance to the Po Park Mall, next to the Food Republic food court, is a statue of Dr. Strange.  One of the signs says in English and Chinese, “Photo only.  Don’t damage me.”  Another sign has the Marvel logo.  Here are photos of the signs, a full body photo of the Dr. Strange statue, and a head shot of the statue.

3 thoughts on “A Strange Discovery in China

  1. I’m a long-time fan of Doctor Strange, so I say: yay! Doctor Strange was one of the earliest comics I ever read.

  2. ISTM that’s specifically Cumberbatch-as-Strange — narrower face and hollower cheeks than the print versions I’ve seen. Left over from a promo, maybe? Or a recent fan production?

    @Hampus: bizarre but interesting; TFTL.

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