ABC DeepSouthCon 2016 Changes Venue

The 2016 Deep South Con will be held May 13-15 at the Doubletree Hotel in Roswell, GA.

Roswell was also host to the 2013 Deep South Con/JordanCon.

The contract has been signed and initial deposit paid reports M. Lee Rogers, who adds that the guest list will be announced once all guests have been finalized. The current membership fee is $50 adult, $25 for under 12, a price that will be good through the end of 2014.

Until a PayPal account is set up, payments may be sent to: ABC DSC 2016 331 Celestial Lane Hixson, TN 37343-5810 The con has a Facebook page at “ABC DSC.”

They are actively recruiting committee members and anyone with interest is invited to contact them through the Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “ABC DeepSouthCon 2016 Changes Venue

  1. Typo report — the full written form of DSC is generally styled as “DeepSouthCon” (as you do in the article title) rather than “Deep South Con” (as you do twice in the article body).

  2. Thanks Mike. My ambivalent spelling is because the text is adopted from an e-mail by M. Lee Rogers and I just couldn’t make myself overwrite the DSC name preference of an actual DSC chair.

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