Alicia Johnson Enters Palliative Care

Robin Johnson has shared with fans the sad news that Alicia, his wife of over 20 years, has untreatable cancer and now is in palliative care near their home in Hobart, Tasmania:

Alicia is currently in the Whittle palliative care ward while they sort out her pain management.  It is an excellent place, and within walking distance of home.

I am setting up for her to have a hospital-type bed when she returns home, next to the (luckily) recently-renovated bathroom.  This could be as soon as Monday.

The cancer diagnosis was fairly recent — she was fit enough to go to Canberra in October, after all — as it sneaked up on her without causing any pain until this last week.  It is now widespread and beyond treatment, it has been decided (not least by Alicia herself).

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone concerned.