Alien Artifacts ToC Released

Alien Artifacts cover by Justin Adams.

Alien Artifacts cover by Justin Adams.

Joshua Palmatier has announced the Table of Contents for his Alien Artifacts anthology. The Kickstarter-funded book is coming out in August and can be preordered from the Zombies Need Brains Online Store.

What might we run into as we expand beyond Earth and into the stars? As we explore our own solar system and beyond, it seems inevitable that we’ll run into aliens … and what they’ve left behind. Alien artifacts: what might they reveal about us as we try to unlock their secrets? What might they reveal about the universe?

Table of Contents

  • Introduction by Patricia Bray
  • “Radio Silence” by Walter H. Hunt
  • “The Nightside” by Julie Novakova
  • “The Familiar” by David Farland
  • “Me and Alice” by Angela D. Penrose
  • “The Other Side” by S.C. Butler
  • “The Hunt” by Gail Z. Martin & Larry N. Martin
  • “The Sphere” by Juliet E. McKenna
  • “Shame the Devil” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
  • “The Captain’s Throne” by Andrija Popovic
  • “Weird is the New Normal” by Jacey Bedford
  • “And We Have No Words to Tell” by Sofie Bird
  • “Titan Descanso” by James Van Pelt
  • “Alien Epilogue” by Gini Koch
  • “The Haint of Sweetwater River” by Anthony Lowe
  • “Music of the Stars” by Jennifer Dunne
  • “The Night You Were a Comet” by Coral Moore
  • “The God Emperor of Lassie Point” by Daniel J. Davis
  • “Pandora” by C.S. Friedman
  • “Round and Round We Ride the Carousel of Time” by Seanan McGuire

[Thanks to JJ for the story.]

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3 thoughts on “Alien Artifacts ToC Released

  1. I backed this Kickstarter, so I’m looking forward to this.

    And Seanan McGuire is in this anthology too? I swear, she is a writing machine.

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  3. Backed and really looking forward to this. Joshua Palmatier & Patricia Bray have been putting out some really good anthologies. Combining headliners and new talent.

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