All Quiet on the Creepweans Front

Last year Locus Online’s traditional April Fools gag blew up the internet and scorched the editors on the same morning, none of them having eyeballed in advance Lawrence Person’s attempt (as “L. Ron Creepweans”) to parody feminists and Islam alike.

I wondered if Creepweans would put in an appearance today on Person’s Battleswarm blog, where last year’s item was reposted after it was deleted by Locus Online. Nope.

Locus Online announced last year it would run no more April Fools, but plenty of other sites upheld the custom today. and SF Signal had prank posts. There are three kinds of April Fool’s posts – the blatantly absurd, stealthy believable parodies, and failed attempts at the first two. Those at Tor and SF Signal were of the second variety and some were pretty funny.