All The Bradbury Bookends at Once

Mike Glyer with Bradbury bookends ready for shipping at ReUse People.

Mike Glyer with Bradbury bookends ready for shipping at ReUse People.

ReUse People says the Bradbury bookends are now sold out online. However, some units are still available for purchase in person at their Los Angeles warehouse.

I had lunch with John King Tarpinian today and went with him to pick up his set in person. He shot this photo of me in front of two pallets of bookends ready for shipping. On the right in shadow a manager affixes mailing labels on cartons.

Part of Tarpinian's Bradbury collection nestled between two 451 bookends.

Part of Tarpinian’s Bradbury collection nestled between two 451 bookends.

14 thoughts on “All The Bradbury Bookends at Once

  1. Yay! I ordered mine on the first day. Glad to hear they’re shipping out promptly — I rationalized the expense as a slightly early birthday present.

    Has ReUse said anything about the specific source of the wood? The tongue-and-groove look suggests to me that these are floorboards.

  2. The wood was/is/are ceiling joists. The living room had a vaulted ceiling.

  3. Ordered mine….two days ago? and was thrilled I could still get them.

    *jumps up and down impatiently*

  4. @ John King Tarpinan — Thank you for the information. It was an itch that needed scratching. I’m fine with ceiling joists, although I did have a vision in my head of owning a piece of floorboard that John Huston might might have stepped on. 🙂

    Maybe Mike is resting his hand on my package in the photo.

  5. Mine came today. Yay!!

    I see two sets have already been sold on eBay for $275 and $300 plus shipping. No surprise but that was fast.

  6. Got mine today — and it was filthy! I demand a refund! (JUST KIDDING) It’s pretty cool that ReUse realized that cleaning up the grit and smog and splinters would mean washing away a little of the Bradbury house magic.


  7. PSM: They are supposed to have all the original stuff on them. 🙂
    A gently brushing should suffice. I put felt dots on the bottom of mine and felt sheets on the uprights to protect the books. They are beautiful.

  8. To All: You can cancel your plane flights. All of the remaining bookends that they held back are SOLD.

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