Amazing Relaunch Prelaunch Hits Net

Steve Davidson has released Amazing Stories’ first “Relaunch Prelaunch issue” in a PDF edition.

You could wait to buy and download a copy from Amazon and other electronic book outlets. Instead, Steve thought you might like get a free copy direct from the  Experimenter Publishing Company. And just how would you do that?

  • E-mail the publisher ([email protected])
  • Place “I Want Amazing Stories” in the subject line of the email
  • Explain in the body of the email why you deserve a free copy

Davidson says, “No reasonable request will be refused.”

I’m not sure if that helps my readers or not…

He also dropped a heavy hint that applicants already registered with the Amazing Stories blog or who have already liked the Amazing Stories Facebook page are likely to receive preferential treatment.

The Relaunch Prelaunch issues are designed to attract and retain visitors to the website following the announcement at Readercon and San Diego Comic-Con of the Experimenter Publishing Company’s licensing deal. That deal will lead to publication of a series of graphic story anthologies (SF, Fantasy, Horror) under the title of Amazing Stories (graphic stories).

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