An Excellent Judge of Horseflesh

You fans who have seen those old John Wayne cavalry movies know this line.

At the end of Rio Grande, as Lt. Col. Yorke (John Wayne) parades his cavalry regiment for General Philip Sheridan, the sheriff reappears trying to arrest Trooper Tyree. Yorke hurriedly shouts an order granting the brave soldier a 7-day furlough. Tyree gallops out of camp — on General Sheridan’s horse. Far from being upset Sheridan proudly observes, “Well whatever else the young man is, he’s a fine judge of horseflesh.” Yorke, whose horse was taken by Tyree in an earlier scene, agrees with a straight face: “An excellent judge.”

That’s why I’ve kept a straight face about John Scalzi’s choice of my 1989 Hugo Award trophy to decorate his 2010 Award Pimpage Post. He showed excellent taste.

Whatever's Hugo image with added special effects.

Unretouched photo of File 770's 1989 Hugo on AwardWeb

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