An Experiment in News Editing

Whenever Speaker of the House John Boehner makes news on the CNN website I often get the impression editors have picked the accompanying photo for its distracted facial expression.

Science fiction’s news editors would never do that, I can assure you.  We always choose nice pictures of our field’s leaders, like these of SFWA President John Scalzi:

We never slant a story by picking photos like these:

Never, never, never.

Well, hardly ever.

2 thoughts on “An Experiment in News Editing

  1. There is an extra level of irony on the fact that I took and released both of those pictures at the bottom, so if someone uses them for slanting purposes, I’ve only myself to blame.

  2. Boehner has a press corps continually shooting photos so every facial tic is recorded and available. In contrast, pretty much the only unflattering photos of you online (as you say) are the ones you shot and posted yourself. And isn’t that an example of a different trend — just like two of my nephews constantly post shots of themselves mugging for the camera. I expect when their generation starts running for office everybody will WANT the Boehner treatment because that will signify they are men/women “of the people.”

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