An Unprofitable Day’s Work

Unless extras are getting paid a lot more than I’ve heard, someone’s about to take a hell of a loss on their gig as a background extra in Batman v. Superman. An extra is facing a $5 million fine after blabbing details about the movie in violation of a non-disclosure agreement, according to two websites (here and here).


The extra told a reporter for Detroit’s NBC affiliate that a fight scene between Batman and Lex Luthor was shot in the art museum on the Michigan State University campus.

She also leaked that the part of Robin will be played by a woman, reports The Guardian — Robin a.k.a. Carrie Kelley will be played by Hunger Games: Catching Fire actress Jena Malone.

As for the $5M fine – I’m curious if such a fine might really get paid — are extras insured? — or if this is just one of those Hollywood numbers bandied about for publicity.

2 thoughts on “An Unprofitable Day’s Work

  1. The fine is almost certainly intended to make sure that anything the extra was paid by some magazine for the scoop doesn’t go to him. All of that, and a reasonable amount of “actual fine” would be the natural final decision — and necessary to make sure future participants take such non-disclosure agreements seriously.

  2. Except there is no ‘fine’. If the extra in question violated a non – disclosure agreement, they can be sued. If a court finds them liable, WB can seek damages appropriate to their loss. If any.

    In the time I’ve been working as an actor/extra, I’ve never seen a clause saying I’d be subject to a fine. At least not working as a non SAG-AFTRA extra. And I’d be stunned to hear the Union has that sort of language in a contract for extras.

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