Animated Star Trek Roundup #2

Compiled by Carl Slaughter: Picard and Riker, armed with advanced starships, facing off in battle, with the life of the president on the line, and Section 31 behind it all.  What a way to start an episode!

  • Star Trek: Absolution S01E01

  • Star Trek: Absolution S01E02 The Galaxy Just Got Smaller part II

  • Starship Swiftwind “Any Port in a Storm”

1 thought on “Animated Star Trek Roundup #2

  1. The Filmation Trek episodes are available now. I forget if it’s Amazon Prime or Netflix.

    I had an idea for one of those, back in the day. Basically, Kirk goes through the transporter and comes out smaller by some percentage, and of course, he will have to use the transporter some number of times because of the current emergency, whatever that is. At the time, this was something you couldn’t do easily or cheaply in live action, but was duck soup for a cartoon.

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