Another “Tomorrow Land”

By James H. Burns: On the East Coast, our in-person introduction to a Walt Disney vision of the future came at the extraordinary 1964/1965 World’s Fair in Flushing, Queens, New York (where the baseball Mets still play) —

With the absolutely miraculous Ford Motor Company’s Magic Skyway.

Seated in an actual Ford automobile, you journeyed from prehistoric times, to the far future…

While doing some research for a new short piece, I came across the marvelous website and this bit of narration, from Disney, at the end of “the ride”:

“Here we are, on the threshold of tomorrow. Man’s achievements in science and industry have carried us here. And like the blast-off of a space vehicle for the moon and beyond, man’s achievements have challenged our hopes and rocketed our dreams beyond the horizon.

“Perhaps, some day, we’ll be riding rocketships like those flashing overhead to anywhere in space. Perhaps, some day, we will drive jet-powered vehicles over weather controlled highways in the sky like the spiraling tubes around you.

“But all such dreams begin in the minds of men. Men of vision, faith and imagination. Men of science and industry, education and the arts.

“As we have seen along the Magic Skyway, man is always on the move, searching and dreaming beyond the horizons of today and bringing the promise of tomorrow ever closer to reality.”


2 thoughts on “Another “Tomorrow Land”

  1. I should mention that, intriguingly, Disney DID NOT do the whole narration, according to the website, during the Fair’s first season.

    But Henry Ford II thought something was missing from “the ride,” and decided that Walt Disney actually telling the tale, could provide some extra charisma.

    By the way, legendary Imagineer Marty Sklar apparently scripted The Magic Skyway which, presumably, included both versions of the narration.

  2. The current tomorrow land is really Fantasy Land in space. It is missing the point, likely do the lack of exploration zeal currently present in our civilization.

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