Ansible Now on Twitter

The fanzine named after that legendary communications device of the far future, Ansible, has opened an account on that infamous communications medium of the immediate present — Twitter.

I’ve often wondered how I overlooked “ansible” when I was thinking of a name for my own fanzine (it not having been taken yet). But even if a time traveler had come and whispered the information in our ears, I doubt either Dave or I would have been tempted to name a newzine Twitter.

Or so I assume. You really can never predict what will strike a fan’s fancy. Once there was a newzine, Ratatosk, named after the squirrel that runs up and down the tree Yggdrasil spreading news to the inhabitants. Twitter might be a better name than that. Or even File 770.

3 thoughts on “Ansible Now on Twitter

  1. “Twitter” has always struck me as the kind of satirical name a 50s Galaxy writer would have made up to mock the triviality of the communications system he was imagining.

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